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Image by Earthly Beauties


Although we originally set out to disrupt the medical sector, our material offers a sustainable plug-and-play solution to many rigid plastics such as cosmetic pots and packaging, clothing hang tags, lipstick casings and many other applications.

Class 1 medical device inhaler


Inhalers, pregnancy tests and Covid 19 test kits


Why choose SymbioTex?

SymbioTex aims to licence its patented technology to current manufacturers, allowing them to create the same products but with material that is home compostable. We listen closely to our clientele in order to understand their expectations and tailor the filament or product to their needs – whether this be flexibility, time to degradation, colour, texture or strength.


Join us

Join us in our mission to replace single-use plastic with our sustainable and truly home compostable solution.

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